What one book most ought to have a sequel?

Via File 770, I see that Seanan McGuire posed this question on Twitter: If one book you love by a living author could get a sequel, what would it be?

Good question! Plus, it’s probably wise to limit this to living authors. However, for me it’s too easy:

1. The Goblin Emperor by “Katherine Addison”

So let’s make it more interesting and require a little more thought by reframing the question in a couple of different ways:

2. If one book you love by a living author, published prior to 2010, could have a sequel, what would it be?

I’m lucky because so many of the books I truly love *do* have sequels. I’m not sure, but maybe Martha Wells’ Wheel of the Infinite.

Here’s another:

3. If one book you love by a living author, published when you were in high school, could have a sequel, what would it be?

I don’t know that it *needs* a sequel, but I would kind of love to see a sequel to The Forgotten Beasts of Eld.

One more:

4. If one book you love by an author now deceased could have a sequel, what would it be?

I thought Octavia Butler’s Fledgling read as though it were meant to begin a series. I would love to see where she was going with it.

And the last iteration:

5. If one series you love by any author living or dead, currently unfinished, could be finished this year, what would you like it to be?

For me, though there is some competition and I could probably pick a top five without trouble, this would be The Steerswoman series by Rosemary Kirstein. I leave in terror that authors I love will get struck by meteors without finishing some of my favorite series, and it would be sooooo tragic if this particular series were never finished!

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10 thoughts on “What one book most ought to have a sequel?”

  1. I sort of thought Sunshine by Robin McKinley read like a series starter, not a standalone.

    But, my first pick would be a sequel to Marie Rutkoski’s The Shadow Society, which also seemed like it was starting a story, but doesn’t appear to have sequels in the offing.

  2. Yes, certain Robin McKinley have problems with their conclusion, and Sunshine is one of them. But it doesn’t compare to Pegasus, which just….stops.

    I*d like to see more of Griffin Mage #2, as a short story. I do wonder what Tehr is up to!

  3. Yes, McKinley’s Pegasus is what I was going to mention!
    Also if Diane Duane would stop writing wildly popular books and scripts that pay her rent and finish Door Into Twilight (a sequel to a trilogy from about 20 years ago) that would be nifty too.

  4. … Door into Starlight. And on following the link to Seanan’s twitter I see she is working on it, so woohoo!

  5. Oh, I didn’t even mention Pegasus because I think of that as just half of an unfinished book. But yes, it would be great if she finished that one up :)

  6. I agree, Pegasus is soooo unfinished it doesn’t even count. Also I agree about Sunshine; it truly feels like it needs a sequel.

    I’d be happy to see Door Into Starlight, so I hope Duane finishes that one.

    Another I just thought of is the series that includes Hero and Border Dispute, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg writing as Daniel R. Kerns. Those two came out and then nothing, though the series felt very unfinished. I think it was some sort of issue with the publisher. Incidentally, I didn’t care for the Sime-Gen novels at all, but I loved Hero and Border Dispute. If you like well-put-together nonhuman species, you should look those up.

    While we’re on the subject, Kate Elliot never finished the Jaran series, which I felt she left at an unsatisfactory, unresolved point. There’s another series I’d really like to see finished someday…

    Pete, I know, right? I’m sure Tehre is finished building fabulous bridges and is off onto some other project now, but what? Give her time and she may change the whole style of architecture of Casmantium.

  7. Yes, the Forgotten Beasts of Eld needs a sequel. Can someone, like you or me, get permission to write it?

    Also, The Floating Islands. There’s stuff going on with dragons and magic and I think about it sometimes.

  8. Yes to everything mentioned previously!

    I keep waiting for Pierce to release a book about Tris at Lightsbridge. I saw it several years ago listed as a possibility and I’ve been waiting ever since. Another Tortall book would not be amiss either.

    But there are so many more! I want a sequel to Novik’s Uprooted, and Host’s Hunting and Wrede’s The Far West. And McKinley’s The Blue Sword. Choo’s The Ghost Bride and Cho’s Sorceror to the Crown. I could go on for a while…

  9. Oh, well, eventually, one way or another, I’m sure the Islands sequel will see the light of day. But first I want to get rights back for the first book. That’ll happen eventually — but I believe Caitlin plans to ask for them this year and see if she can negotiate those rights back earlier than the contract requires.

    Mona, I particularly agree about The Blue Sword. I long for a sequel to that one!

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