The INTERN doesn’t post all that often, but it’s still worth checking in! This made me laugh. Especially this part:

(that editor whose book you could theoretically be perceived as slighting on Twitter? If you send her an apology, SHE IS GOING TO THINK YOU’RE INSANE.)

The “teacher’s stamp” shown here also made me laugh! Plus, same site, scroll down and you can listen to Kristen Nelson explain what she thinks is the fundamental difference between middle grade and young adult. Which, in case you don’t want to listen to the video, I will explain here:

In YA (says Kristen), the protagonist encounters and has to deal with a real adult situation for the first time. After dealing with this situation, the protagonist has taken an irrevocable step forward into adulthood and can no longer see the world through the eyes of a child.

In MG (I’m sure you can see this coming), the protagonist encounters a serious situation and has to deal with it without adult help, but after the situation has been resolved, the protagonist *is* able to step back into childhood.

Isn’t that interesting? Hadn’t seen that take on the question before.

And finally:

Here is an interesting series of posts about what the publishing industry can or should be learning from Kodak (which just filed for bankruptcy).

And actually that leads to one more post: a survey from Thea at The Book Smugglers, which actually does get at exactly the same questions as Rachelle Gardner’s posts on what publishers are really selling and what people are really buying, so I’ll throw that link in, too.

Happy President’s Day! No school Monday! That means I will definitely be finishing this final revision of THE MOUNTAIN OF KEPT MEMORY (still liking that title, btw!) by Monday. I know Caitlin’s got editors in mind for submission and is just waiting for me to finish it up . . .

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