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So, finished the (most recent iteration of) THE MOUNTAIN OF KEPT MEMORY revision! That means I have now dropped not one but TWO mss into the shark tank of the publishing world. Wish me luck!

One great thing about finishing that revision is, I now get to take a guilt-free break and read some books!

So for my first pick of the TBR pile — WINTERLING by Sarah Prineas.

Verdict: Charming!

This short little novel reads very much like an old-fashioned fairy tale. It’s quite predictable and the characters do not have great depth, but on the other hand it gives you this warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia all the way through. I enjoyed it and would have just loved it when I was twelve. Especially the pouka horse.

I liked how Rook couldn’t disobey the Mor . . . no, really! Not even when he really wanted to. I liked how after the Mor ordered him not to answer Fer’s questions, he went through the WHOLE BOOK without EVER answering a question. And I loved the wolves. That toast thing was too funny!

Given how Prineas took The Magic Thief series through some very crucial and unexpected twists, I’ll be really interested to see where she goes with the Winterling story.

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