You know what?

“Less” is not a synonym for “fewer”.

Also, “addicting” is not a synonym for “addictive”.

Also! “Literally” is NOT a synonym for “figuratively”.

Even though that last one is the wrongest*, the other two actually bother me more. Sets my teeth RIGHT on edge, let me tell you. And although the less than / fewer thing is super-common and I’m pretty used to it (but still hate it), I swear the addicting / addictive confusion is new. At least, I never used to notice it and now I sure do.


Oh! And the other one I hate? “All right” is STRICTLY TWO WORDS. There is NO SUCH WORD AS “Alright.” Anybody who says otherwise has simply knuckled under to the forces of barbarism and is contributing to the decay of civilization.

If you are not on good terms with the English language, then you should REALLY listen to your copy editor.

* Do not be snippy about “wrongest”. I’m fine with made-up words that do their job in the context in which they are used. Making up your own words does not mean that it’s okay to confuse “addictive” with “addicting”.

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