Friday Update

Just wanted to let you all know that my mother came home a day early — Thursday night.

She did great. She woke up after the surgery lucid and herself, was started on solid food that evening, was sitting up and then walking the next day, and is quote not to pick up anything over twenty pounds unquote. She’s allowed to go up stairs and everything! It’s pretty amazing.

Thank you for you kind thoughts, and although they may want to do chemo, I gather that may be considered just a precaution in her case, so with luck the whole thing is over and she will now be perfectly fine until she’s 107.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Update”

  1. Oh hurrah, that is really good news!

    One worry you can downgrade from urgent to bearable, among the pile of things weighing on you this month. May all the other ones go as well.

    Very best wishes for a speedy recovery for your mom!

  2. Thank you, yes, whew, that is a huge, huge relief. I hope I do that well if I have to have surgery at any age!

  3. Sending good easy wishes for the subsequent recovery time!! Coming home early sounds promising to me. :)

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