Sale: Death’s Lady

And for a change this sale should be relevant to just about everyone everywhere. As the Death’s Lady series is not in KU, it can’t be scheduled for free days or countdown deals. But it can be dropped in price via every retailer.

I can’t schedule the first book free … there’s no straightforward way to do that via Amazon … so the first book will be $0.99 and the others $2.99 and we’ll see how it goes. I haven’t been impressed with sales that don’t involve a free first book, but I’m using the promotion services David Gaughan points to as the best for bargain prices rather than free and we’ll just see.

I haven’t thought a lot more about going on with this series, but I do really like it, and I do have fairly clear ideas and notes, so who knows? The original story contained in the trilogy was agonizingly difficult and took absolutely forever to write and then revise and revise and revise again. But Shines Now was easy and fast. If I contemplate that that smooth experience, I feel a bit more like moving ahead. Maybe later this year before I really get into Silver Circle, I’ll write a bit of another book in this series just to see how it feels.

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7 thoughts on “Sale: Death’s Lady”

  1. Ran across one of my least favorite word choices again last night. In _Pure Magic_, Amira tells Justin, “we don’t hunt people anymore.” Justin repeats it to himself shortly thereafter.
    But Amira and Keziah never hunted “people”, but men; Amira in particular spent most of her first decade hunting men.

  2. Well, Pete, I can’t help but notice that men are people.

    However, on top of that, getting from Saudi Arabia to California was quite a journey, and on the way, various people who were not men undoubtedly got hunted.

  3. Well, you can certainly prefer to have Amara snarl about men if you like, Pete, it’s just that to me it reads the same way. BUT, I got pretty close to writing the story of their journey. I haven’t done it, or not yet, but I could, and therefore I know that the body count got somewhat high here and there during that trip.

  4. I like the novellas even more than the novels, so I would certainly read–and enjoy!–such a story.

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