Hitting Publish Today

It can take a couple of days for the paperback to come out, so, since the ebook is due to release tomorrow, I’ll be hitting publish today for the paperback versions of these books. I expect sometime this weekend, the paper version will go live.

I hope you all love this story!

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12 thoughts on “Hitting Publish Today”

  1. Congratulations! Just finished reading Tarashana so I’m looking forward to plunging into a new world.

  2. FWIW, I gather the ‘zon is having database trouble, but I was intending to leave a review (at last) on Copper Mountain and it didn’t come up in an author search. May want to keep an eye on that.

  3. Elaine, I wonder if that’s still true? I’m seeing it when I do an author search, so that’s a puzzle.

  4. Yes, today searching Neumeier and copper pulls it up. Not yesterday. Nor did just searching Rachel Neumeier – it didn’t show up in the list unless it was below some books that weren’t by you, but I stopped when I hit them.

    Searches have been weird lately all over, IME. The Kid has been grumbling about that, too.

  5. Ok, I have now read the trilogy twice. It’s difficult for me to find books that I enjoy reading as much as yours, and so I end up reading them over and over (going back to Sphere of the Winds now). Death’s Lady reminds me a little bit of a character out of one of CJC’s novels—maybe Morgaine? Not sure. I loved the character development of Emelan but I wish there was more of, say. Sandekan. What were his feelings when he observed the relationship between Tenai and Daniel? There was so much distant formality there it was almost Tolkien -esque. I hope you are working on more books about the side characters who I very much wish to meet again. Also, change dilatin to Dilantin! And psychiatrists don’t prescribe neurology drugs! Run that stuff by a physician next time (me). That kind of error can be grating.

  6. Alison, thank you so much! The side character whom I picked up for a mostly-completed novella is actually Kuomat, whose backstory I know a lot more about than the reader ever finds out in the trilogy. If I ever do go on with this world, it’ll almost certainly be at least partly from his point of view.

    I kind of did run this trilogy by a psychiatrist, in the sense that I was reading books by psychiatrists at the time I wrote it, and they very definitely did write about prescribing? Is this something that might have changed in the past twenty years? If necessary, I hereby declare that this is a slightly different parallel world.

    Thanks about Dilantin! I will fix that now. I’m sure other things will turn up that I need to fix, though hopefully not very many.

  7. Alison, psychiatrists can and do prescribe some neurology/anti-seizure drugs. Don’t know of an example of Dilantin, but I have personal knowledge of someone who was given depakote (which looks like the same category, anti-seizure)- it’s commonly used to treat Bipolar Disorder. Worked, too.

  8. Kuomat is the character I’m most interested in hearing about! (Though I’m also secretly hoping that the couple in the wagon get to make a reappearance in Talasayan one day, having achieved prosperity because of the new, stronger peace in Inbaneh-se!)

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