New Penric novella!

Thanks to Pete Mack for the head’s up; this novella just came out four days ago.

So there we go, that’s interrupting all other things I’m reading this weekend.

Sounds good, too — more stuff happening in this one, I think —

An unholy attack upon his brother-in-law General Arisaydia pitches sorcerer Learned Penric and his Temple demon Desdemona headlong into the snake-pit of Cedonian imperial politics. But they will not travel alone. The mission from his god brings Penric some of his strangest new allies yet, and the return of some of his most valued old ones.

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5 thoughts on “New Penric novella!”

  1. Splendid! Yes, checking, it looks like it’s about 250 pages — a short novel, but a novel. Excellent!

  2. It starts off with events that were roughly predictable 4 books back, in Prisoner of Lemnos. With a twist to force Penric to go along.

  3. There’s a great new saint character: I love Bujold’s concept of a saint! And some interesting plot twists. I love how far Penric’s character has come since the beginning.

  4. The book really feels like a climax and denouement for the entire series. Whether she writes an epilogue remains to be seen.

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