According to google, “nocturne” means:

a) a short composition of a romantic or dreamy character suggestive of night, typically for piano.

b) a picture of a night scene.

Doesn’t the second definition seem broad enough that it could justify the series title: The Tenai Nocturne? Which does sound good to me, and I am inclined to use it.

If I decide I’m satisfied with the titles, I will be NEARLY ready to ask for the cover art. For that, I need back cover blurbs — which I think I can base off the versions posted here, and thank you for your comments on that, everyone — and something close to final page numbers for the paper versions. So, I’m adding an epilogue to Book 1 — thanks for the advice to do that, Kim A. — and then I will be able to drop the books into the KDP template and get a good idea about the page numbers.

So it’s all coming along pretty well!

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1 thought on ““Nocturne””

  1. Nocturne has a really strong association with music, i.e. the first definition remains the strongest for me: still much too short and dreamy/romantic in its implications for this series.
    The second definition just associates it with the night, which is not a strong theme of the book in so far as I have read, but I haven’t finished it yet. If you’re this close, I need to get a move on!
    Extending the thread from night to something like darkness of the soul doesn’t work for me.

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