The Sphere of the Winds: Cover Reveal

The cover’s been completed — wow, was that fast! I didn’t expect to have that ready yet. I’m not even finished proofreading! Shoot, I even revised one scene last night! I guarantee this book is coming out in February, probably early February.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like an early look at the cover.

Here’s the initial sketch:

Obviously I said No, no, the dragon must have FEATHERS. I also suggested changing the palette from all blues to warmer colors by using sunrise or sunset colors. Here’s the final version —

I think that’s very attractive, very eye-catching — I do love the warm colors. The cover artist even tracked down the unusual font used on the Floating Islands cover, which is great.

Here’s the website of the cover artist, by the way.

Keep an eye out at Amazon and wherever. I’ll let you know when it drops, of course.

Also, I will be putting this one out wide, not enrolling it in Kindle Unlimited. That’s what I think is best for a book that is the sequel to a title that came out via traditional publication and is available everywhere. So Sphere won’t be in KU, sorry, but it will be broadly available. I do need to actually remember to go over to Draft to Digital and put it out through them as well as through Amazon, but even if I don’t get that done the same day I hit “publish” at KDP, it should at least happen the same week.

Again, still proofreading, but I will aim for the first half of February.

Also, I’ve now ordered the first cover for the Tenai trilogy …

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16 thoughts on “The Sphere of the Winds: Cover Reveal”

  1. Wow. That’s really good. I’m impressed at the quality of art available to self-publishers today. Far cry from the fanzines of my youth!

  2. I love this cover!
    Do you need more proofreaders for it?
    I really look forward to teading this.

    I still need to do most of Tenai, but somehow I’ve been reluctant to start on it.
    All the talk of her previous dark history is creating a bit of a psychological hump for me to get over before diving in. I’ve been keeping to positive stories with nice protagonists, and “nothing awful happens” books. I know I can trust you not to go too dark and leave us with a bad ending, but still, I need a bit of motivation to start.

    I need to get myself going, on that and a big report for work, and the ironing and the vacuuming and the other cleaning, but I’m sleeping badly (asthma medicines) and so tired… then I do nothing instead, so the to-do pile only gets larger and more discouraging. Silly me!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! I particularly appreciate how the artist got the dragon’s transparency across. Will have to show to Teen when available.

  4. Can totally relate, Hanneke – toddler medical drama has taken all my energy, and the whole house is a complete mess (after I’d really made a concerted cleanup effort over the summer, too!).

  5. That’s fantastic! Well done with the transparency. Really gorgeous.

    Hanneke, I hope things get better/easier for you soon!

  6. Ouch, Hanneke!

    By all means set the Tenai trilogy aside. It’s not really THAT dark, but no one should ever feel obligated to read something for me if it turns out they don’t like it or aren’t in the mood or if anything comes up.

  7. Hanneke–
    I disagree. I’m in agreement with this quote: “Children know monsters exist. The point of fairy tales is to show the monsters can be beaten”.

  8. Oh, and about the cover: I particularly like the teeth on that dragon, which are similar to those on transparent fish from the deep sea.

  9. That is one beautiful dragon!

    I’d also be interested in beng on call for proof-reading, by the way. I’m in academia and have done some journal editorial work, if that helps.

  10. Siege, siege, yes, you people are so picky about spelling! Yes, I fixed it in the final version, and thank you, because that would be possibly the most embarrassing place possible to make a spelling mistake.

    Everyone who offers to proofread, thank you so much! I am currently fixing all the errors my mother caught, which was A ZILLION, and then I may ask ONE more person to proofread, and then I will call it good.

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