A little busy this past weekend

Just so you know why I didn’t have time to write a real post, or even poke around for something cool to draw to your attention:

Conner and Kimmie before this weekend’s show. They had a bath Friday evening. On Saturday morning, I misted their coats, smoothed down the fur, and put on these drying coats — their coats are meant to be flat and straight, not sticking up in little tufts all over the place. After lots of rain, Conner’s coat in particular was not lying properly flat.

I didn’t put them in this crate, by the way. I turned around and they had both gone in there.

The bath-and-misting-and-drying-coat thing was then repeated for Sunday. On Sunday, they had to be in the ring (an hour and a half away) at 8:00 AM. I was up at four and on the road at six.

Here are the results of the weekend’s shows:

Conner got Winners Dog on Saturday, plus Best of Winners, so that was a point for him. He got Reserve Sunday, so no point for him that day. The same near-age-mate has beaten him three times now (and he’s beaten that dog once), so he is three points behind Kimmie.

Kimmie got Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex both days, which takes her up to nine points, which is all the singles she can use. Now she needs majors. She has been in the running for one point at nine shows and she has gotten Winners Bitch and the point in all nine. She is doing just great in the puppy classes and I would like to try for majors quick before she ages out of the puppy classes. It’s not that she isn’t beating older girls right now, she certainly is, but she might have a harder time beating them if it’s not clear to the judge how young she is. Being in the puppy classes means not having to have so much coat!

I’m not sure where to take her to try for majors, so for the first time ever I am talking to a professional handler about possibly taking Kimmie for a few carefully selected weekends. A pro goes to a lot more shows that are farther away and potentially bigger. We’ll see! Kimmie and Conner are both entered again at the end of the month and we will meet this professional handler then. I want her with a handler who will treat her like the pet she is, not like a kennel dog.

Meanwhile, Conner and Kimmie back home, hoping for low-flying birds and slow squirrels:

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