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Ah, nostalgia. THE CITY IN THE LAKE seems so long ago. It really hasn’t been that long, though. What, six years? That does mean more like eight years since I wrote it.


The hardcover’s out of print now, you know. Except I have quite a lot of copies. One of which is up for a giveaway at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.

Brandy just read CITY and posed her review this morning. Here’s where Twitter comes in useful, because I knew she just read it and was going to post a review today, so that gave me a chance to offer a signed book for a giveaway. Even if you have a copy, shoot, drop over there and enter and you can get this signed copy and give your original copy away to a friend, so that’s a win-win for everyone right there.

I got a kick out of this bit:

I would really love to know what it is like to live inside Rachel’s head, because all of her books are distinctly different, wildly inventive, and not what I think I’m getting when I start reading. You would think by now I would stop being surprised by that, but I continue to be amazed at her creativity and how her writing style alters to fit each world she has created.

Because I feel exactly that way about other writers. I read CASTLE BEHIND THORNS and thought, How did Merrie think of this? I wish I’d written it. And the Touchstone trilogy! Except I couldn’t have written that, especially the focus on privacy issues, I wouldn’t have been able to handle that anything like as well as Andrea Host did. Remember that wonderful touch in Elizabeth Bear’s RANGE OF GHOSTS, the way the sky changes depending on who political controls a region? How on Earth did she think of that?

CITY is still (sometimes) my favorite of my own books. And sometimes not, it depends. Anyway, I’m glad to see this review from Brandy. Pop over and take a look and, if you like, enter the giveaway.

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