An unexpectedly excellent Labor Day weekend —

People! I realize that you may not know very much about the world of show dogs, but I assure you, it isn’t often that a six-month-old puppy wins a major her first time out at an AKC show! Every single one of the other girls entered was a decent, quality entry, but Honey beat them all — including her own mother. It’s her movement: she has extraordinarily good movement, even though she has a couple cosmetic flaws. You can bet that this judge will be going on my list as a movement guy who will excuse cosmetic faults if the dog’s structure and movement are good enough. AND as a confident judge who will put a puppy right up front, over the heads of mature, quality adults.

Through a ridiculous oversight, I somehow neglected to have a win photo taken, and I don’t even have a current picture of Honey to post. She needs to win again in two weeks and then I will have a win photo taken, even though that is just a one-point show and not a major. (Of course, she may not win. I don’t mean to sound like it’ a sure thing.)

And! Though Honey’s win on Sunday was the unexpected win, on Saturday, her mother, Kenya, picked up her second major (and Best of Breed, yay!). That means Kenya is essentially guaranteed to finish her championship, because I can always enter her in one small show after another and pick up those points against minimal competition. But hopefully she will pick up those points fairly briskly. Like, this month. She is entered in four shows this month, so I’ll be crossing my fingers that she will win at least a couple of times.

So, yeah, EVEN THOUGH the show site was unairconditioned and horrifically hot, it was a great show.

Quick link — yeah, sorry, no pictures from this weekend’s show, but if you’re curious, here’s a link to my other site, with pictures. I have to admit that Kenya is now pudgier than when this photo was taken, and of course Honey is now six months old instead of eight weeks. But hey — pictures!

Anyway, I couldn’t connect to the internet because the hotel was out in the middle of the forest, but I did read a lot and write some reviews, though, so those will follow.

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8 thoughts on “An unexpectedly excellent Labor Day weekend —”

  1. Congratulations!!! Having bred and finished a Rough Collie champion myself, I know what a “major” deal this is!

  2. Hah! Thank you, and yes, I guess you do know. If Honey finishes — I’m much happier about her chances now — she will be my first homebred champion.

  3. Hah! You can be sure I will be telling EVERYONE when my girls finally finish. Especially a girl I’ve bred myself!

  4. Congrats on the big win with Honey! But it is a mortal sin to neglect to get photos for the first points, either major, or the last point. So if you end up in Dog Show Hell, you will know why.

    The first homebred champion is fantastic. The first homebred champion you handle yourself exceeds fantastic. I really don’t know what to call it. Once you do it, you let us know what the right word is.

  5. Diana, you are so right and I am WEEPING, WEEPING about my failure to get the win photo. It was definitely icing on the cake to get the nod both Saturday and Sunday over three professional handlers.

    “Exceeds fantastic” sounds about right, but I probably shouldn’t start holding my breath for it — though I need to see if I can find a list of judges who emphasize great movement over prettiness.

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