Few entries = a good chance of trophies.


Both my girls got scores of 99 (out of 100) this morning! So they would have been in the running at nearly any show and totally deserved these trophies.

Those are all high-in-rally-trial ribbons. Folly beat Giedre Thursday and Friday; since they tied this morning, I’m calling the third ribbon for Geidre. I’m sure Folly won’t mind.

Plus the prizes were good — $25 gift certificates for Walmart, one for each day — that really moderates the whole cost of the weekend. Plus toys and other little stuff. So . . . way to go, girls!

I’m skipping the breed ring today, so no need to dress up to show and down again to drive home, plus I can leave much earlier, have plenty of time at home this afternoon to get Pippa ready for tomorrow. I want my Pippa to win Veterans! She hasn’t been shown in the breed ring since she was spayed four years ago, but she has nine performance titles, so she should be great when all she needs to do is stand beautifully and trot beautifully. She is beautiful and has tons of pizzazz, so I can hardly believe she won’t win over any other Veteran girl, but we’ll see. Here’s Pippa when she was three or four years old — she is seven now.

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