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About the possible future of publishing. I know, right? Seriously, we need a crystal ball for this, since I expect everybody, no matter how plausible their guess, is probably wrong.

But this idea that different publishers will turn into different kinds of more streamlined marketing arms of parent corporations makes sense to me. So does, unfortunately, the idea that backlist titles will vanish from sight. I’m rather hoping that something else, currently unforseen, will ameliorate that latter trend.

Anyway, interesting times ahead, as I suppose we all knew already. And a personal pause for gratitude that I already have six books on shelves and two more in the official pipeline — hopefully more in that pipeline very soon, that is, this year. Because in five years it may be different, but I would hate to try to break in as a debut author this year, or next year.

After that, who knows? These days, at least in publishing, the foreseeable future is very very short-term.

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