Update: Somewhat Illusory Progress

A pretty good week and weekend! Much less eventful than last weekend’s convention, much more ordinary.

Oh, except! This was eventful: my mother turns out NOT to have cancer for the third time this year, so whew! (!!!). I was seriously worried, but this time, no, not any kind of skin cancer, not even some relatively benign sort, it’s something I don’t remember the name of, but harmless.

That was important.

Less important but eventful: Tiny Boy Four came to stay with me for a couple of weeks. His name is actually Piolo. I knew Haydee would be delighted, and so she is. He’ll be here another full week. I will be sorry when she loses her new buddy. Actually, Piolo is her full brother, though a year older. No, dogs don’t seem able to tell. But they are buddies for sure.

Meanwhile! Progress, but not as much as it looks like. Silver Circle jumped from 40,000 words on Friday to poof! 56,000 words on Sunday. But not really. I got far enough in to decide this was a good time to drop Grayson’s partial novella into the file. Alas, ordinary to possibly heavy revision is necessary, so not nearly as much instant progress as I hoped. It’s not just switching pov. That’s tedious, but not difficult. It’s that a big element of the story plot is (a) not what I remembered, and (b) not consistent with my current idea about the plot of this section. Can I come up with a way to integrate the partial story into the new novel without just tearing it up and starting over? Magic Eight Ball says: Future Unclear, Ask Again Later.

By this time next week, I expect that will be sorted out one way or the other.

Meanwhile! It feels strange to have let go of Invictus: Crisis a week before the release date, two days before the preorder locks. But at this point, all I’m doing is watching the hours click down and fretting. I hope you all love the ending! Aargh, I hate waiting!

It’s going to be a long week, but hopefully a productive one, filled with nice weather and a complete lack of excitement, just what I prefer.

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5 thoughts on “Update: Somewhat Illusory Progress”

  1. I thought I waited long enough to start Invictus: Captive so that I wouldn’t be on tenterhooks for weeks on end but last night I got to the climatic ending of Captive and immediately went to buy Crisis only to discover I was too early by a week! Will have to distract myself with something else this week while I wait. I wasn’t in the mood for a space opera, but it turns out I was very in the mood for the characters of Invictus.

  2. Just reread Bone Gap because figured out my younger daughter is face blind and that made me want to revisit the portrayal there (esp since I don’t think I’d have connected the dots if I hadn’t read Bone Gap). It’s such a good book.

  3. I think she’s not quite as extreme as Finn, but close – she can’t consistently identify my husband and me.

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