Everything is a Liquid

It’s astonished me, from time to time, how gases act like fluids, and rock acts like a fluid, and everything, basically, acts like a fluid if you look at it the right way.

Here is a post that shows some really stunning cloud formations that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in real life. They are called Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, and if I heard about this kind of cloud formation when I took Earth Science, I don’t remember it. I would remember, so I don’t think this was included in the chapter on the atmosphere and clouds and stuff.

They looks like waves breaking because – they’re waves, breaking. Much the same fluid dynamics equations are at work as in our seas, giving a slightly unsettling reminder than we all live at the bottom of an ‘ocean’, except it’s made of air, not water.

If I ever see this now, I’ll certainly notice — and I’ll understand the clouds look just like breaking waves because the air is acting like a fluid. Or mayby the air actually is a fluid, I guess, if you define terms the right way.

Pictures at the link. By all means click through.

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  1. That newsletter you linked to is amazing, such diverse interesting things I hadn’t sen before.
    Even though I’m interested in clouds and have a poster from the meteorological society of different cloud-types and their names on my loo door (for trying to learn them) – shearing cloudtops yes, but such lovely rounded waves I’ve never seen, even in a picture.

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