Suelen: Available for Preorder

Here we go! Here’s the cover for SUELEN, which is now available for preorder — or will be in a few hours, at least, since I just hit “go” on the preorder button at KDP.

I’ve pegged it to release on June 17th, and yes, I’ll be running a sale on the Tuyo series starting on the same day.

I’m really interested and excited to see what readers think of this one. It’s SO different from KERAUNANI. That one is fun. This one is much more serious, but I think I like it as well, though not in the same way.

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5 thoughts on “Suelen: Available for Preorder”

  1. It isn’t showing up when I just search by your name (yet). Had to add the title to find it. Ordered!

  2. Ordered! So happy!

    (I searched by “Suelen Rachel Neumeier” straight off, so I don’t know if it came up if I just searched by your name.)

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