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The 4th Black Dog collection just went up for preorder. I’m listing it to release Feb 25th, which means I need to have the final version loaded to KDP by Feb 21. Which should not be a problem! It had BETTER not be a problem!

I’m doing final revisions now — that is, I am making the final decision about the order of the novellas and then I will read through them and add references from later stories back to the earlier ones in this collection. And I’m not perfectly happy with the ending of one of the stories and will probably wind up fiddling with that a little. But everything is basically finished.

Kim, I think you are probably right about putting Keziah’s story last. It honestly does read like a prequel to the next novel. Changing the order will be a pain in the neck for a couple different reasons. Not changing the order would be a pain in the neck for completely different reasons. There is no way to handle this that is not going to be annoying for me to smooth out. However, by Monday, I want to have made a final decision about the order of the stories and I want to have smoothed them out into that order.

Next week, I’ll complete the first proofing read of the combined III & IV stories and order the second preview copy of the paperback version. I will put the paper edition up for preorder as soon as I know the final page count.

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  1. Ordered it. Too bad you couldn’t get the Grayson story to work. But another Keziah/Justin story makes up for it!

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