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AARGH! Easter Sunday was absolutely beautiful —

Therefore, I didn’t get a lot done on Easter. Other than taking all the dogs to the park, in three sets, and listening to a lot of Bridge of Birds while strolling briskly around the perimeter of the park. Or, for Pippa and Dora, strolling gently, with pauses for these older dogs to check out scent trails. They did get to meet plenty of people and one friendly small dog, so they had a great time.

Kimmie had the best time, though. I hesitate to mention this because I’m not sure what kind of omen it might be, but for the first time ever (and no doubt the last time ever), one of the dogs abruptly leaped past me, bolted to the end of the lead, and caught a bunny while she was actually on lead. Killing a rabbit on Easter seems a little ironic, to say the least. Fortunately, no little children were around to see that.

Anyway! What with taking my mother to church and taking one million spaniels to the park and then dinner at my parents’ house, I did not quite finish with line-editing Death’s Lady #3. Easter was a great day, though, and seriously, The End is in Sight. I will absolutely for sure finish this project this week. I think tomorrow, probably.

Also, I’m up for the second vaccine tomorrow, so first, Yay! and second, I hope I don’t feel too awful on Wednesday. However, I actually do plan to take a brief break after finishing the Death’s Lady trilogy, so if I feel crappy for a couple of days, that should be a good time. There’s a MG fantasy series I would like to try. It sounds good, and it should be fast-paced and shortish and just about ideal to serve as a break from one project and give me a couple days off before starting the next. If I like it, I’ll tell you all about it.

The only books I’ve read during the last month or so are the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Boruker and then A Stranger to Command and Crown Duel/Court Duel by Sherwood Smith. That’s all re-reading.

The Emperor’s Edge series is fast-paced, with quite a lot of utterly unbelievable plot elements, and tons of witty dialogue. The reader doesn’t have to take it very seriously, and I’ve read it a couple of times, so it was perfect. Enjoyable, but easy to pick up and put down.

A Stranger to Command is my favorite of Sherwood Smith’s books by a mile. Nothing actually happens; it’s strictly a coming-of-age school story. Military school, really detailed and believable, great protagonist. That one got a little distracting. It’s set before Crown Duel/Court Duel, which reads younger — MG, more or less, for at least the first half. I don’t like that one nearly as much because Mel is such an impulsive idiot, but after she finally pulls herself together, I like the story much better. Plus I like seeing Shevraeth from the outside.

I’m looking forward to taking a few days to read something new-to-me. I don’t know how much of that is going to happen this year. I’m going to try to remember to keep track, because I’m betting I wind up reading even fewer new-to-me books this year than last year.

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4 thoughts on “Progress report”

  1. Good luck! The second shot totally wiped me out. Not sick, exactly, aside from a sour stomach, but so tired I couldn’t even watch tv in bed, for about a day.

  2. Sarah, I’m a little nervous. I’ve heard everything from “Oh, no, no particular reaction, I was fine” to “When my fever hit 103, I gave in and took painkillers.”

    I’m glad to say my parents didn’t have any trouble — but on the other hand, I think that means they probably didn’t have a huge immune response to the vaccine either. I guess I’m hoping for a mild headache and no need to call in sick, but we’ll see!

  3. You know, when I looked it up on the CDC website and other pretty trustworthy sources, it sounds like taking painkillers after isn’t necessarily bad? They all said to avoid them *before*, but not necessarily after.

  4. I’m glad you mentioned that, Sarah. Now that I google around looking for that information, I see that general advice seems to be that painkillers after the vaccine are okay “if necessary.” Well, I’m used to ignoring mild headaches, but it’s good to know that if it’s much worse than that, maybe taking painkillers is okay. Also, I didn’t realize you shouldn’t take painkillers before the vaccine. Glad I decided not to take ibuprofen for my arm and shoulder last night.

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