Aargh, formatting is so tedious

From the title of this post, you can probably guess that I am currently formatting the paperback version of The Sphere of the Winds.

If you didn’t guess that, well, now you know, that’s what I’m doing. I came in to work an hour and a half early and that was nearly enough time, but not quite.

First I replaced the uncorrected version of the KDP manuscript with the corrected version from the Kindle file. Then I loaded the new KDP file and said, Okay, Previewer, let’s take a look!

Too many pages.

Put the whole thing in Garamond instead of Times New Roman and try again.

Now it’s the right number of pages, so that must have been the font I originally intended, but the Table of Contents in on a left-hand page and it should be on the right.

Add a couple pages at the front to get things to appear on the correct pages.

And so on.

In a minute, I will scan through the whole paperback and fix widows and orphans.

Oh, startlingly, no widows or orphans. I wonder if KDP improved their template to avoid that issue.

Anyway, all this does mean that I expect to hit “publish” for Sphere tomorrow. By Monday, I expect it will be available. Yay!

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2 thoughts on “Aargh, formatting is so tedious”

  1. I am surprised that kindle still had orphans in their generated format. That problem was initially solved in the 1970s, although for paragraphs only–not for chapters; the system was used only for patents and technical papers, first at Bell Labs and later at universities.

  2. Well, maybe they don’t anymore.

    They did last time I formatted a book. This wasn’t the Kindle version, I mean the paperback version through KDP. It was a minor nuisance. But as I say, I didn’t see that problem today.

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