Happy Thanksgiving!

I think we would all prefer a calmer, less stressful year for 2021, but still, most of us hopefully have a lot to be thankful for. I certainly do.


She is doing so much better at this point than I expected a month ago. Look how alert she is in this picture! She can go up stairs now. If she gets started right, she can leap up two steps at a time, just like a young dog! I prefer that she let me carry her down, but she sometimes thinks she can manage. She can keep up with the other dogs again on walks, so she really does not need special walks of her own any longer.

2. TUYO, NIKOLES, and (almost) TARASHANA. I am very pleased with how this series is going so far!

3. COPPER MOUNTAIN and the new covers for all the Black Dog books. The story collections should all have their new covers before Christmas. Also, I will have a cover for the fifth novel waiting for me to actually write the book. What a project! But nearly there, whew.

4. Although sales and KU reads are not yet where I want them — I would certainly not want to support myself and the horde of spaniels solely from writing just yet — the improvement since the beginning of the year is really good and I hope foreshadows still better things to come. Royalties from Amazon in October were nearly 14x higher than this past January. I have been working really hard since May to do things to boost sales. I still have soooo much to learn about all these marketing things, but I’m cautiously pleased with the results of my efforts so far. Sales and especially KU reads are still up since the Black Dog sale, too. I hope that lasts for some time!

5. My parents are still healthy, or at least, as healthy as they were pre-Covid. They’ve been very isolated, but since they’re highly introverted, they’re doing fine. Covid cases are up in this county, more so proportionately than in most big cities because we had so few cases until basically now. But, fingers crossed, we ought to have a vaccine pretty soon.

That’s my top five personal things to be grateful for this year. If you’re particularly grateful for something that happened this year, by all means share that in the comments! It would be nice to hear about good things that happened for people this year.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. My husband is happy in his new job, my older daughter is enjoying kindergarten, and the little bit’s reconstruction surgery went well. Also, my sister moved closer and got a puppy!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I just–finally!– closed on a house, and my parents are still doing well-or as well as might be expected. So yes, I can be thankful.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone who hangs out here.

    I’m thankful for our probable success in finding the source of many illnesses in our house. (invisible mold) and the resources to deal with it.

  4. Good to hear that various nice things have happened for other people as well!

    Elaine, best of luck with the illness situation, I hope dealing with the mold takes care of that. Mysterious illnesses are awful.

    Pete, great! I hope you love your new house.

    Sarah, sounding good, plus a puppy!

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