Watership Up

I got this link from Mike S. — “Watership Down is so depressing. Why not Watership Up?

“I’ve just had a vision,” Fiver said, twitching and snapping as a rabbit caught in a snare. His eyes saw things the eyes of other rabbits did not see.

“What is it, my brother?” Hazel asked.

“Everything…” Fiver began. “Everything is going to be just fine.”

And it was.

Click through to see the other happy scenarios our friends Hazel, Fiver, et al enjoy in that new classic: WATERSHIP UP.

ps. WATERSHIP DOWN is a fabulous book. If you haven’t read it, you really should add it to your no-doubt-immense TBR pile. Put it on the top so you’ll get to it soon. You’ll thank me after you read it. Really.

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  1. I always pictured Watership Up to be a story about bunnies, balloons, houses and waterfalls. Someone needs to make a crossover of it ASAP.

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