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Peonies (Medium)

Viburnums (Medium)

A dark, thundrous sky is great for pictures. Plus, you have to take pictures of irises and peonies quick before it rains! Because they may get smashed to the ground and there you will be, with nothing.

I grant you, those Viburnums are tougher. That was last week. Kenya surrounded by a blizzard of white flowers! Very cute.

Update: Yeah, so I’ve been taking a break for a few days. I read UNDER THE LIGHT by Whitcomb, sequel to A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT. I loved the first book, but I’m sorry to say the sequel did not work for me at all. What a shame!

I started CHIME by Billingsley, but although I admire it from a technical standpoint, I don’t actually like it. I put it aside — I do mean to finish it — and re-read THE DEATH OF THE NECROMANCER by Martha Wells. Not my favorite of hers, but I was just in the mood for it. Then I started re-reading The Fall of the Ile-Rien trilogy by Martha Wells. Probably a terrible idea, since I do want to start work on my next WIP tomorrow! But I couldn’t help myself.

This weekend: lots of weeding (lots!!!), read Ile-Rien, and definitely pick up my WIP! It’ll be busy and I bet I don’t read any more fiction this month.

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3 thoughts on “Spring!”

  1. We haven’t arrived at irises and peonies yet–maybe next week. And I will be weeding lots this weekend too! This will be the year I have a beautifully tidy garden! (makes determined face).

    And I think I will re-read The Ivy Tree. I have an unfinished copy of Chime in my life too….I just wasn’t in the mood for depressing swamp.

  2. Beautiful photos Rachel – thank you. It’s late Autumn/early Winter here in southern Australia so it’s nice to know that plants are flowering somewhere!

    I’m planning to finish THE GOBLIN EMPEROR this weekend. I’m really enjoying it, but it’s a book you need to concentrate on in order to keep the characters straight.

  3. Hi, Charlotte — I’m hoping the irises last at their peak till visitors come and go this Friday! The Peonies probably won’t. I wonder how many readers finished CHIME? You have to be in the mood, I expect. But technically I think it’s very well done.

    Cheryl, I’m glad we’re done with winter here! I think I’ve seen a lot of thumbs-ups for The Goblin Emperor and one thumbs-down. I really look forward to reading it! But I’m pretty likely to stick to re-reading things and to nonfiction. No room in my life right now for books you have to pay attention to.

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