Just want to call everyone’s attention to —

Nicola Griffith, author of THE BLUE PLACE and its sequels, has just brought out this historical novel about Saint Hilda of Whitby.

Because I loved THE BLUE PLACE so much, this one stepped instantly onto my TBR pile. It’ll be a while before I read it, though, so if you are curious, you might check out this review at tor.com.

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4 thoughts on “Just want to call everyone’s attention to —”

  1. Looks interesting, and reminds me of another book on my wish list: KING IN THE NORTH by Max Adams. Non fiction history/biography of Oswald Whiteblade of Northumbria, who made quite a splash in his 8 year rule. Since I discovered it is now available here I downloaded the Kindle sample and it’s a good read. But I want the hardcover for the maps and genealogies and being able to actually read them. (she grumps, remembering tiny print on maps that can’t be enlarged on the Kindle.)

    The Idle Woman blog gave it a good write-up which is what brought it to my attention:

    and looky there! today she’s posting about HILD, which she just finished.

  2. I bet you get to it before I do, Maureen. Then you can rave about it and I will be forced to drop everything and read it, too.

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