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Yep, home again, this time thankfully without the extra hour and a half in traffic jams. Three new rally titles, so the weekend was a success for me even though Kenya never placed first in her class. Well, that Orchard Hill girl was a tough one to beat. Second place was good, too.

One reason I let myself not bother writing this past weekend was that I’m not working from now till school starts again August 19th. Of course the weather is beautiful and there is no end to gardening tasks, but I certainly ought to be able to get a lot of work done on the BLACK DOG sequel, too. Even though there is another dog show this coming weekend and also my sister-in-law is graduating on the 15th and I want to go to that. She will be Doctor Astrid Neumeier, a newly minted but gifted chiropractor! Go, Astrid!

I don’t have internet access from home, though — leaves! On the trees! Totally block cell phone signals! So I will take my laptop with me when I go to town, but if you see a decline in posting frequency for the next twenty days or so, that will be why. Just FYI.

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2 thoughts on “Brief update”

  1. Congrats on the three new titles!

    And truly, there is no end to the gardening…every year, I think that if I just start soon enough, I’ll be on top of the weeding for the summer, and every year it doesn’t happen. Sigh.

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