I’m having trouble —

Pressing ahead with this WIP.

a) Just keep going! It’ll be fine!

b) You’ve taken a wrong turn! Stop, back up, and re-assess your direction.

I kind of think it’s (b).* I think I’m in the wrong POV. But I also kind of think I need to switch POV’s sometime pretty soon in this story. If not now, when?

It’s a puzzler. I think the thing to do is take the dogs for a run and let the ms just sit there. (They think that’s a good idea, too.) (Heck, it’s almost 40 degrees, that almost counts as warm.) Alternately, maybe I need to go back to the top of the chapter and start again from the other possible POV, saving this version in a separate file. If the chapter starts to move much better, that’s a sign. Big, structural issues with the ms — like needing to pick up an absent POV — can be sorted out later, if necessary, as long as I’ve got words on the page.

* Update! Actually, it seems to have been (a). Moving on!**

** Okay, changed my mind and went for (b) after all. Yesterday: 3000 words. This morning, the same 3000 words. Sigh. Indecisiveness is a curse.

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