Oh, nice poll here . . .

. . . from Heidi at Bunbury in the Stacks. Which door would you choose to step through? One that led to Hogwarts, Narnia, Westeros, Neverland, Alice in Wonderland, Middle Earth, or, um . . . right, Camelot.

I left a comment at Heidi’s blog, but I’ll give it away here, too: My pick is Narnia, my second pick is Middle Earth, and nobody else is in the running. How about you?

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8 thoughts on “Oh, nice poll here . . .”

  1. Narnia, no question: it’s a good place to live most of the time. I recall Jill in The Last Battle being told that the child-adventurers get a skewed view of what Narnia is usually like.

    And while I don’t aspire to adventure, if there’s a door to Narnia right there in front of you, well, it’s pretty much a moral requirement to swallow hard and step through. At least you’re not going to be tested beyond your strength.

    Second choice would be Hogwarts, I suppose: again I’m way too old to fit in with the usual protagonists. But I thought of a niche! With a few week’s prep I could take over the History of Magic class and do a way better job than the ghost they’ve currently got assigned to bore the students. Plus, you know, commuting back to the real world.

    The rest of them are, at best, nice places to visit but not to live.

  2. Not Middle Earth? For a place to live, just live, Rivendell would be lovely. It’s true I would not want to ever face the Dark Lord, though.

  3. Which part of Middle Earth? Landing in the Shire, or near enough to Rivendell to get there would be one thing. Landing in Mordor, the Desolation of Smaug, or some other nasty areas would be something else.

    And which iteration of Camelot?

    I think, assuming it’s a situation where a choice MUST be made, I’d go for either Middle Earth or Narnia. I have absolutely no desire to visit Westeros, or Neverland (never liked Peter Pan), or Wonderland. And there are so many holes in Rowlings worldbuilding I have no desire to fall through them.

    I like the person who made her own choice in the original thread though: Chrestomanci Castle. yeah, I could go there, too.

  4. Hah, yes, no kidding about the holes in Rowlings universe!

    I was trying to think where else ought to have a door — Chrestomanci Castle is a good idea. Lots of fantasy worlds would be *dreadful* to actually live in. I think it’s hard to beat Narnia.

  5. I asked the resident teenager the question and she opted for Harry Potter-verse because she could most easily get back out. Or Neverland because it is safest.

  6. i’ve been hearing of Sabrina Chase for a while, but haven’t read her. Having finally been prompted to look her up, I think I will point my husband her way – he’s also a physics guy. For some reason I’d gotten Chase mixed up with the Parasol Protectorate writer – Gail Carrington. (which stories by what I’ve heard may also fit the original request, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them myself. )

    I fished the Berg duology off the shelf last night and checked – the dance appears in book 2, and yep, it takes training, movements have names, and bodily positioning is very important. Based on ballet, I’m sure.

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