Yep, still spring —

So I’m planting more beets (for Mom; I hate beets) and putting the trellis up for the peas and wishing it was time to start squashes and melons and corn and all that good stuff.

Also, spent all day yesterday transplanting the heucheras and astilbes that last year were buried underneath hostas that got bigger than expected. This year everybody should have room to stretch out.

Weeding is neverending. Removing all the dead stems from the chrysanthemums and sedums and everything just SEEMS like a neverending chore, but weeding really IS.

New plants are going to arrive shortly — I ordered a ‘Butterfly’ magnolia and some ‘Honeycomb’ buddleias and more astilbes and, I don’t know, some other stuff.

Also! My friend Deb talked me into entering two of my girls in rally and obedience at the CKCSC specialty in Chicago in three weeks! I haven’t worked with them at all in about eight months! But Deb is right, it’s important to support the performance stuff at the Cavalier specialties. Just hope my girls don’t make me look like an idiot. I’m entering the most experienced ones, so hopefully they’ll both polish off another one or two titles each so I can brag about them.

Also! I got stuck on the ms I was working on and haven’t touched it in a week, and honestly, does it sound like I have time and energy to work on something?

But in fact I am sticking to reading books I have read before and don’t find that compelling. And I’ve put the one project aside and am starting to think about something else. So probably in the coming week I really will start doing something productive. Maybe. Probably. Maybe. We’ll see! I’m thinking about a brand-new YA. I think I kinda have the opening scene in my head. Maybe I’ll open up a new file and just see if it flows . . .

Meanwhile! Back to weeding. Gotta clear out that bed by the driveway where I usually grow annuals. What an eyesore right now! I want something beautiful to look at out my front windows — preferably before the peonies and rugosa roses start blooming.

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  1. I certainly can’t think of any other use for beets that comes anywhere close to making a cake. Any cake! And I like the icing color on this one. Yep, this cake is in my future.

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