You know what’s changed?

The “Books” page on this very website, that’s what.

Having totally failed to bludgeon WordPress into doing what it was told — I mean, tell it to put a picture on the left and it would drop it in just anywhere, a phenomenon which indeed is occurring again in this actual blog post, but for one post I don’t care enough to figure out how to fix it.

Anyway, Felice at Orbit got WordPress to sit up and beg when SHE held up a cookie.

So the “Books” page now looks much better! With buy links and everything! I specifically asked Felice to make sure all the books are shown in strict reverse chronological order, most recent on top. All taken care of!

I did want to show the German editions and the audiobook editions and everything all on the one page, but it got awfully cluttered, so we agreed to let people click through on the Griffin Mage books to see the specialized editions.

Also, I found out that all three books of the trilogy are out in German — though Books Two and Three only in Kindle. Still, very cool. I like their covers:

Herr Der Winde

Land des Feuers

Gesetz der Erde

Are those pretty or what? I kind of like that they are totally different from the Orbit covers. I think I also like the sort of almost-but-not-quite abstract quality of the griffins and backgrounds and everything.

Pity I don’t read German. I mean, just barely enough to figure out which cover goes to which book. Obviously if you happen to be learning German and want books to practice with, these would be a great choice!

Now, just waiting for HOUSE OF SHADOWS to actually join the rest out in the world . . . right now it just sits on top of the “Books” page like kind of a tease.

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