Retreating from the cutting edge

You know what? Though a great piece of technology, I personally hate the Tablet. I’m taking it back to the store tomorrow, and I’ll get them to figure out how to tether my laptop to my smartphone (keeping the phone) instead. You know what I hate about the Tablet?

When I insert it into the keyboard and start typing, I find the keyboard perfectly comfortable. But —

a) I’ll constantly get six or seven words ahead of the screen,

b) and when I hit a wrong letter, I then have to wait for the screen to catch up to me, and then

c) when I try to backspace, the backspace key speed seems unpredictable, so I backspace too far, and finally

d) when I touch the screen to try to insert the cursor someplace, the Tablet brings up the on-screen keyboard, for some reason, and then I have to first get rid of that and then move the cursor with the little arrows on the physical keyboard.

It’s awful!

But handy for watching YouTube videos! My favorite is the Sound of Music one in the Belgian railway station.

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