Fooling yourself into working

So, I was kind of tired last night and I’d been busy all day and I really wanted just to read a few pages of my current PG Wodehouse novel. Which is fine, because I’m not on a deadline, right? So I let the puppies out into the living room and played with them for an hour.

Even so, after the Incredibly Cute puppies went to sleep, I tucked them back into the puppy room and turned on the computer. I told myself I was just going to play a game of solitaire. Which I did. But since the computer was on, I also opened the WIP file, and then I took a few notes on where I thought the 2nd chapter might be heading, and then I played another game of solitaire. Which I lost. It was a horrible game. So it was easy to switch back to the WIP file and just start fiddling around with possible first sentences for Chapter 2.

And I wound up with a smooth, easy 2 pages, which may not sound like much, but is disproportionately more than 0 pages, right? Plus it was easy, which means it will be easier to pick up the ms this evening. Plus I now have kind of an idea what’s going to happen in this scene, which I didn’t before.

So hopefully it will be a productive weekend and I’ll finish off Chapter 2! That would be great, because at that point I’ll set the whole WIP aside, take a break, and decide what other project to work on next.

In the meantime! Observe the cuteness that I live with ALL THE TIME:

It’s amazing I get anything done at all.

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