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Is not the biggest convention, but it is always well-run, and a pleasure to attend from the pro’s side, and I always enjoy it. And for a change it’s only a little over an hour from my house, which is very nice.

Archon is an interesting convention in other ways because it’s really meant to draw in prospective writers. They’ve really emphasized that side of things for several years. Lots of panel topics and workshops meant to appeal to that audience. I like being on panels and I don’t mind participating in workshops, so I like this.

Since I don’t mind taking off a day from work, I volunteered for Friday morning panels. I’m on three or four panels this time (total, not just on Friday) and I’ll be helping with at least one four-hour workshop, but I like to keep busy so that’s all good. Plus I’m free most of Saturday, so that’s my time to hit the art show and check out the venders and all that stuff. I’m always looking to buy something at the art show, so I hope I see something I really love that’s in my price range.

The part I’ll give a miss to? The late-night movies and filksinging and parties. I see on the schedule that various things keep running till 2:30 in the morning! I’d be in a coma by then!

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