Five days . . .

To revise Ch. 3 in my WIP (KEEPER). Five days. Five. Mostly because I just did not want to work on it and thus spent oodles of time drifting off to do other stuff.


Plus, I thought of something I could do with the secondary protagonist that would . . . probably be a good idea and add coolness to the book. Also, require more revision.

I would like to get this revision finished by the end of September.

It is the 19th.

I have another show next weekend and Archon is the weekend after that and that will take me into October and will I get this revision finished? I’m thinking probably not.

This is turning into one of those crazy Neverending Revisions From Hell. The kind where the end is always in sight and yet never seems to get closer.

Did I already say Aargh?

Question (rhetorical): go back and revise chapters 2 and 3 given the new idea that just struck me? Or move ahead and read chapter 4, which should require essentially zero work, as a reward for getting as far as I have?

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