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As has been known to happen from time to time, Nathan gives good advice.

I absolutely do not write every single day. Although, I have to say, unlike Nathan, I certainly do write a lot of days in a row — when I’m writing. When I’m working, I’m working, and during those periods, I write every day or at least almost every day, for hours a day — sometimes lots of hours a day.

But when I reach a stopping point with a manuscript, I stop writing, full stop, and read a lot of books. And I enjoy it. I may well dread picking up that manuscript again to do the next necessary part (revision, second revision, take care of editorial comments, whatever), but I set a date my break will be over and on that date I get back to work.

And believe me, the dogs provide me with lots and lots of distractions. But it’s amazing how often I shut down the laptop, tuck a bag o’ treats in my pocket, head out to walk dogs — and immediately work out a writing problem that’s had me stymied. Those are the useful distractions!

I do turn the ringer off on the phone when I’m working. Some kinds of distractions are not very useful! I’ll turn it back on in a few weeks. In the meantime, sorry, don’t bother calling, I’m not picking up.

Today’s work so far — yep, I’m definitely putting a new chapter in the front of Black Dog. Definitely going to finish that tonight. Then onward to the revisions! I’m actually enjoying this so far. Whenever I shut the laptop, I really want to open it back up. Always good when the work flows!

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