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In the Mail

So! How long will it take Amazon to deliver STAY and ALWAYS to my door? Because I am really pretty excited to go on with Aud’s story after THE BLUE PLACE.

Although if there is another tearjerker ending at the end of the third book? I will be peeved. (Don’t tell me, though, if you happen to know whether there is or not.)

Also got to take a look at what Amazon says about SLOW RIVER and AMMONITE. Oh, having done so, I see why I might have had the impression that THE BLUE PLACE was SF — these two really are SF. Not sure I’m in the mood right now, but I’ll have to remember they’re out there for later.

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2 Comments In the Mail

  1. Craig

    Actually, you already own a copy of AMMONITE, it’s just that I borrowed it last Christmas and haven’t given it back yet.

  2. Rachel

    Really? Well, no doubt that’s why I sort of felt like a copy should be on my shelf even though I couldn’t find it. Have you read it?

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