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424 pp total, don’t remember the word count, but it’d be something like 140,000 words. Too long! At least, too long for this story, quite a lot longer than I want it to wind up. So! First, the clean up, then the first cut, then the final read-through-and-cut, and then I can send my newest baby off to be read by objective, analytical eyes . . . always a trifle nerve-wracking.

However, before that, I think a quart of double-chocolate brownie-chunk ice cream is in order. And what’s the point of really good ice cream unless you have a really good book to go with it? I need to pick up a copy of Veronica Roth’s “Divergent”, which I read the first chapter of a week ago and have been dying to get back to. How ’bout that for a recipe for a rewarding evening?

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