And another one hits the shelves!

The new paperback edition of THE CITY IN THE LAKE —

Available any minute now.  Well, technically, on March 8th, but I just got my first copy in the mail, so it feels real to me right now.

Pretty cover, isn’t it?  I think Timou looks perfect.

Keep an eye out at The Book Smugglers — they’ll be reviewing CITY on March 11th.  CITY is more of a fairy tale, whereas my other books are more adventure stories, so I’m really interested to see what The Book Smugglers think of it.

Now, on a different subject — I wish I could remember who recommended Nina Kiriki Hoffman to me.  Somebody at the World Fantasy Convention last year?  Whoever it was, thanks!  She’s my new favorite author!

So far I’ve read The Silent Strength of Stones, A Fistful of Sky, and The Thread That Binds the Bones.  Loved all three.  I’ve ordered Hoffman’s entire backlist and they’ve started arriving, so lots of great books ahead of me in the near future.  Can’t wait to break up a block of Callebaut 70% dark chocolate and settle down with the next one.

I’ve also just read Structure in Action:  The Making of a Durable Dog (by Pat Hastings).  Lots and lots of photos of dogs with correct and incorrect structure.  The publisher sent it to me so I could write a book review for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club bulletin — it’s a good addition to your library if you’re serious about breeding beautiful, sound dogs, but I don’t imagine it’ll be of interest to most fans of fantasy and other genre fiction.

But look!  While we’re on the subject of breeding, take a look at this boy here!

This is CKCSC and AKC Ch. Truluv Kiss N Tell of Jayba, winning one of his Specialty Best in Shows.  He is also going to be the father of my Bree’s next litter of puppies.  If all goes well, they’ll be born in May.  Can’t wait!

And, yes, I am working on a new project of my own.  I’ll post an excerpt one of these days . . . but soon . . .

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