The Griffin Mage Trilogy

Griffins and mages, blood and kings. The Griffin Mage Trilogy is a tale of fury and majesty – a tale of consequences in love, in war, and in death.

Griffins are not mere animals: they are creatures born of a hot fierce magic and they bring their desert with them in the wind from their wings.

But creatures of fire are the natural enemies of creatures of earth. The griffins strike fear and awe into the hearts of the ordinary people of Feierabiand, and inspire hatred amongst the powerful ice mages of Casmantium.

And when hatred boils over – and kings get hungry for power – a war will be waged between earth and fire that will threaten to tear their whole world apart.

This Omnibus Edition contains all three parts of the Griffin Mage Trilogy:

Book Details:

Genre: Fantasy

UK / ANZ Print Edition

Date:November 2011
R.R.P.:£10.99 / $AUS29.99

North American Print Edition

Date:November 2011
R.R.P.:US$15.99 / CAN$17.50


Date:November 2011
R.R.P.:£10.99 / US$12.99 / CAN$12.99


“Beyond the characters, the most impressive thing about this series is the magical and political balance that Rachel Neumeier has created. I loved the balance of different mages, which include not only the power of fire and ice, but also earth, healing, making and unmaking, speech with animals, amongst other abilities.”

– Thea, The Book Smugglers

” I really enjoyed this book – and will be looking out for more of Neumeier’s work. A writer capable of such intelligently, layered storytelling is worth reading.”

– S J Higbee, Brainfluff

“The Griffin Mage Trilogy is recommended to anyone who enjoys a fantasy story that focuses on vivid storytelling with more emphasis on interaction instead of bold fighting.”

– Jasper de Joode, Fantasy Book Review