House of Shadows

Orphaned, two sisters are left to find their own fortunes.

Sweet and proper, Karah’s future seems secure at a glamorous Flower House. She could be pampered for the rest of her life… if she agrees to play their game.

Nemienne, neither sweet nor proper, has fewer choices. Left with no alternative, she accepts a mysterious mage’s offer of an apprenticeship. Agreeing means a home and survival, but can Nemienne trust the mage?

With the arrival of a foreign bard into the quiet city, dangerous secrets are unearthed, and both sisters find themselves at the center of a plot that threatens not only to upset their newly found lives, but also to destroy their kingdom.

Book Details:

Genre: Fantasy

North American Print Edition

Date:July 2012
R.R.P.:US$14.99 / CAN$16.50


Date:July 2012
R.R.P.:£7.99 / US$6.99 / CAN$6.99


“Absolutely recommended, especially for those who like strong heroines, and undoubtedly House of Shadows makes my list of notable reads of 2012.”

– Thea, The Book Smugglers

“I loved House of Shadows. The characters, writing, and magic captivated me, but there was a lot to love in the details as well – the dragon, the cats who are characters in their own right, female characters with different situations and types of inner strength, and just a little bit of romance.”

– Kristen, Fantasy Book Cafe

“I adored this book and I couldn’t put it down. It starts off on a fairy-tale esque tone and becomes a magical yet grounded fantasy adventure with great female characters and brilliant settings.”

– Anna, Pocketful of Books

“Straddling the line between adult and YA, House of Shadows is a beautiful fantasy world with crossover potential that draws from Eastern influences, geisha, and the presence of shadows. It highlights the concept that light and shadows must exist in tandem, and that the dark does not have to give way to corruption. Definitely recommended.”

– Heidi, Bunbury in the Stacks

House of Shadows is a true fantasy story … I love when a fantasy story has great characters – really great characters – especially strong female leading characters that not only make good decisions but show growth over the story, even when they start out strong. I love when a fantasy story takes a few twists and turns and ends up in unexpected places with the plot. And for everything that is pure and lovely, I adore when a fantasy story has dragons in it.”

– Asheley, Into the Hall of Books

“…a beautifully realized tale of three young lives intersecting in a magical city where the shadows of the past threaten the tenuous peace of the present … Especially and whole-heartedly recommended to fans of Patricia McKillip.”

– Charlotte’s Library

House of Shadows feels gravely atmospheric and stylized. The book is marked by ritualized storytelling and plot evolution — as if the author were an Indonesian shadow puppeteer. Rachel Neumeier has written an intricate fantasy world, and I’m happy to get the sense that a sequel might be in the works.”

– Kate Coombs, The Book Aunt

House of Shadows is most definitely a political fantasy novel – and its plot is impeccably crafted – but its strength lies in its characters, world, and ability to suck you in. It is far deeper than most may give it credit for and it leaves you feeling almost imperceptibly wiser. ”

– Keertana, Ivy Book Bindings

“…a very satisfying book, with plenty of political machinations … and a nice hint of romance. There were some lovely moments as well, especially the descriptions of Taudde’s magic.”

– Maureen, By Singing Light

“…exactly what I needed, it’s the kind of epic fantasy that I enjoy reading. Magic, intrigue, a world I can get lost in and characters I had fun getting to know.”

– Chachic, Chachic’s Book Nook

House of Shadows is what you get when you blend Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha with sorcery and dragons.”

– Grace Troxel, Books Without Any Pictures

“Neumeier has written a story of two young girls, placed in the midst of change and conflict, who are able (each in their own way) to play an important part in resolving that conflict. And yes, there is a prince. And a dragon. Beautifully told – highly recommended. – See more at:”

– Caitlin Martin, Chaotic Compendiums

“I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre!”

– Kelly, Reading With Martinis

House of Shadows possess certain qualities of mystery and intrigue, but the driving force came from the characters and their individual, detailed stories. Despite the multiple narratives and points of view the author miraculously pulled it all together for a very climatic ending.”

– Gina, My Precious

“All of the characters are well developed and complex, while magic, naturally, is an inherent part of the story, so is love and trust. Neumeier does an excellent job of carefully nurturing the plot and characters into fruition. Her descriptions are simply lyrical.”

– Lori L, She Treads Softly