What’s been going on lately?

1) Puppies! Bree, though suffering through an excessively dramatic whelping, presented me with a tricolor male puppy (bottom) and two absolutely beautiful girl puppies (side by side), one tricolor and the other blenheim. ‘Blenheim’ is what we call the red and white color in Cavaliers. Here they are!


2) In a week, I’ll be able to x-ray Adora to see how many puppies she is carrying. She isn’t very large. I’m thinking I’ll be lucky if she has more than one. I am just the archetype for doing everything right and yet still getting smaller-than-average litters, which is very frustrating. Plus if she only has one, that more than likely means a c-section because single puppies are very often oversized. I keep saying that if I get a couple of really nice puppies from these litters, it will make the 2800 miles of driving (to the stud dogs) worth while, but I admit, it would also be nice (and different!) to actually, you know, break even someday.

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