Rihasi Gerogevet of Saraicana has a serious problem. She knows just who can help her solve it: Lord Aras Eren Samaura, the king’s most powerful scepter-holder. But Lord Aras is in Gaur, a long journey from Saraicana, and getting there safely isn’t going to be easy. Especially as a lot of people are determined to make sure she doesn’t get there at all.

Kior Voeret has a serious secret. The absolute last person he wants to face is Lord Aras Eren Samaura. But he can’t let a naïve, inexperienced young man get himself killed on the road. That’s all right: Kior doesn’t have to commit to going all the way to the scepter-holder’s doorstep himself. He can escort the young man to the border of Gaur, then walk away long before he gets close enough for Lord Aras to notice anything unfortunate.

It’ll be fine.


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Sinowa inGara cherished his first wife. But now, with his people heading for trouble, he needs the high standing he would gain from marrying again. The best choice would be a singer — preferably an inKarano singer. Only one inKarano singer is unmarried: Marag inKarano.

For ten winters, Marag has turned aside every warrior and every poet who has approached her. She knows she will become one of the foremost singers of all the tribes. She knows whomever she marries will gain great standing through that marriage. Her choice is important — too important to leave to chance. For all these winters, Marag has asked the gods to send her a sign when the right man comes to sit by her fire and ask for her favor.

The gods have never sent her that sign.

This winter, Sinowa catches Marag’s attention the moment he arrives at the Convocation grounds, far to the east of inGara lands. But almost at the same moment, a different problem compels her attention — and his.

Wolves have been singing in the mountains since the Convocation began, bringing good luck and showing the favor of the gods. But now some mysterious curse has come upon the wolves … and that ill luck may be spreading, carried from the mountains on a bitter wind. As the curse intensifies, even the strength of a warrior and the deep understanding of a singer may be hard-pressed to turn the ill luck away from the gathered people and the world.

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Book One

Raised a warrior in the harsh winter country, Ryo inGara has always been willing to die for his family and his tribe. When war erupts against the summer country, the prospect of death in battle seems imminent. But when his warleader leaves Ryo as a sacrifice — a tuyo — to die at the hands of their enemies, he faces a fate he never imagined.

Ryo’s captor, a lord of the summer country, may be an enemy . . . but far worse enemies are moving, with the current war nothing but the opening moves in a hidden game Ryo barely glimpses, a game in which all his people may be merely pawns. Suddenly Ryo finds his convictions overturned and his loyalties uncertain. Should he support the man who holds him prisoner, the only man who may be able to defeat their greater enemy? And even if he does, can he persuade his people to do the same?

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Book Details:

 UK / US Print Edition 

Date:May, 2020
R.R.P.:£11.97 / $14.50

Date:  May, 2020
R.R.P.:{ £6.59 / US$7.99 }

Praise for Tuyo:

Sharon Shinn

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2020

Wow. I was hooked from the very first sentence and enthralled for the entire book. While there’s plenty of action and great world-building, the real power of the book lies in its relationships and the way they rely on trust and memory. Ryo’s voice never falters, but how he sees the world changes as the story unfolds. Intense and completely satisfying.

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For generations the Ugaro of the winter country have traded peacefully with the Lau of the summer lands. But now a fatal mistake has created bitterness and hatred on both sides of the river, threatening to destroy a peace that has become tenuous.

Nikoles Ianan realizes, too late, that he should have prevented his own people’s unforgivable trespass – he should at least have tried. Now it seems impossible for a single Lau soldier to do anything to prevent the escalating tragedy … until the most famous scepter-holder of the summer country arrives.

Lord Aras Samaura has urgent tasks waiting elsewhere and little time to forge a new peace before bitterness turns to outright war. He’ll need luck – and all the help he can get from a young Lau soldier with a unique connection to the Ugaro people and the determination to do whatever he must to atone for his mistake.

Book Details:

UK / US Print Edition
Date:September, 2020

Date:September, 2020

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A year and a half ago, Ryo and Aras defeated their enemy, ending the conflict between the winter country and the summer lands. But with all his important secrets revealed in that struggle, Lord Aras now faces a new challenge in dealing with his own countrymen.

Then a message arrives from Ryo’s people: A woman of the Tarashana has come to them from the starlit lands beyond their northern border. Though she plainly needs their help, she is mute. She cannot explain what happened to her people or describe what enemy drove them from their lands. No Ugaro can speak to her — but Aras might. Will he come, and by his arts help Tarashana and Ugaro understand one another?

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Esau Karuma never expected to marry — he’s really not the type.

But when he hears about a girl who’s got to get married immediately or else she’ll be crushed under a whole mountain of trouble, Esau doesn’t hesitate to volunteer. He’ll whisk her out of the way of disaster, marry her real quick, get her settled someplace she’ll be comfortable, and that will be that. No reason in the world either of them should be too much of a nuisance to the other.

Given his whole life so far, he should have known that plan might be a little too optimistic …

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This short novel is set directly after the events of Tuyo.

Following the great battle in the winter country, a handful of surviving Lau, too badly wounded to travel, were left to the care of Ugaro tribesmen.

Surgeon Dedicat Suelen Haras Soyauta, personal physician to the king of the summer country, can’t bear the thought that injured Lau soldiers have been abandoned in the winter country, subject to who knows what barbaric medical practices, perhaps even to neglect or outright abuse. He’s determined to cross the river to care for those soldiers — despite the risk that the Ugaro may condemn, as forbidden sorcery, even magic dedicated to the healing arts.

His act of courage and mercy may change the world.

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Tuyo Book Six

Tano may be in Gara now, but he feels anything but secure.

Born to the inTasiyo, bitter enemies of the inGara, Tano is trying hard to behave perfectly and win acceptance among his new people. But he fears that any misstep might mean the lord of the inGara casts him out. Tano could lose more than his place with his new tribe: he could lose Ryo’s good opinion and encouragement, his tentative new friendships, his younger brother — everything that matters to him.

He would rather die.

Then Vayu inKera, also once inTasiyo, brings Tano an urgent problem, asking for his help. Tano owes Vayu too great a debt to refuse … whatever the cost.

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Tuyo Book Seven

It’s a long way from the northern mountains back to the summer lands — and all the challenges Aras left behind are waiting. Worse, no matter how Aras handles those problems, the summer king’s judgment of his actions is certain to be harsh.

Released from every vow he ever swore to Aras, Ryo could remain among his own people. But he can’t abandon Aras to confront his king alone — especially as the struggle they endured in the land of the shades still haunts them both.

But, as they journey south, Ryo realizes that Aras may be losing control of his sorcery. Even if Ryo can persuade the summer king to judge Aras kindly, that may only be the beginning of the challenges they face. If Aras’ strength of will fails, even Ugaro stubbornness may not be enough to prevent disaster …

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TUYO World Companion

Behind the Scenes in the World of TUYO

  • Peoples and Places
  • Maps and Illustrations
  • Cultures and Customs
  • Magic and Sorcery
  • Recipes and Letters
  • Inspirations and Interview
  • A Complete List of Characters

AND a long novella, “Returning Hokino’s Knife,” available only in this Companion.

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