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Black Dog Short Stories

Black Dog Short Stories by Rachel NeumeierNatividad is delighted when the Master of Dimilioc gives her permission to go Christmas shopping in a real town, since she definitely needs to find gifts for her brothers. But did Grayson have to assign Keziah to go with her?

Étienne Lumondiere has annoyed Miguel once too often, throwing his weight around and belittling ordinary humans. But Miguel’s going to fix that. He just needs to work out a few more details of his clever plan.

It’s tough for a black dog raised outside Dimilioc to adjust to being a team player. But Thaddeus is determined to impress Grayson … until he is unexpectedly confronted by a black dog kid who reminds him a little too much of himself.

The Dimilioc executioner is the mainstay of the Master’s authority, as Ezekiel knows better than anyone. He has never questioned his role in Dimilioc … until now.

‘Christmas Shopping’, ‘Library Work’, and ‘A Learning Experience’ all take place between Black Dog and Pure Magic. ‘The Master of Dimilioc’ is a prequel story that takes place several years before the events of Black Dog.

Book Details:

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Publisher: Anara Publishing
Date: April 2015
ISBN: 9781908844842
R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99 / CAN$6.99

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