Rachel Neumeier

Fantasy and Young Adult Fantasy Author


For generations the Ugaro of the winter country have traded peacefully with the Lau of the summer lands. But now a fatal mistake has created bitterness and hatred on both sides of the river, threatening to destroy a peace that has become tenuous.

Nikoles Ianan realizes, too late, that he should have prevented his own people’s unforgivable trespass – he should at least have tried. Now it seems impossible for a single Lau soldier to do anything to prevent the escalating tragedy … until the most famous scepter-holder of the summer country arrives.

Lord Aras Samaura has urgent tasks waiting elsewhere and little time to forge a new peace before bitterness turns to outright war. He’ll need luck – and all the help he can get from a young Lau soldier with a unique connection to the Ugaro people and the determination to do whatever he must to atone for his mistake.

Book Details:

UK / US Print Edition
Date: September, 2020
ISBN: 979-8674771579
Format: Paperpack
R.R.P.: £8.81

Date: September, 2020
R.R.P.: £3.76

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