Other Hobbies

I also cook — a lot of Indian food, but also Thai and Chinese and Japanese and so forth. Even European and American food, now and then! I have … um … eight kinds of rice in my pantry, and ten kinds of lentils and similar pulses. And just as many kinds of Japanese and Thai noodles as shapes of Italian pastas, come to think of it.

I have seven Indian cookbooks right now, plus three more with a moderate-to-heavy Indian emphasis; three Japanese cookbooks; several from SE Asia; four or five Chinese; and two Italian, including Marcella Hazan’s original classic. That should give a pretty clear idea of what I like to cook. When it comes to cooking, my motto is, So many great recipes, so little time …

I’m firmly of the opinion that, while lots of cuisines are worth doing right, Indian food is truly the best in the world, except that NOBODY does desserts as well as Americans! I have no trouble making a chicken curry for dinner, maybe with spicy eggplant and rotis, but then adding a chocolate cake for dessert. In fact, I did that just tonight before coming down to write this. Mmmm, cake!

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