ApricotMy very favorite plants are unusual woody ornamentals. Alas, woody plants are such a long term hobby. All my trees are just babies, but someday my Persian Perrotia and Sophora and Xanthoceras and the rest will be worth taking pictures of.

I also have a vegetable garden and a small orchard – that’s turned out to be a worthwhile investment; in season, we absolutely roll in peaches and plums and apples! I’m telling you, there is no comparison between a peach or a Fuji apple ripe off the tree and one bought in the store. Pictured is one of my young apricots. It’s about five years old and only bore a few fruits this past spring – the peaches beat the apricots hands down for bearing early and abundantly.

And all possible thanks to my mother, who does the lion’s share of weeding, watering, and other unglamorous but essential garden chores!

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