Over at Patreon, plus here, puppy picture

Okay, obviously I’m not posting particularly regularly at my Patreon. The place to find regular posts is here.

However, I’m doing occasional posts over there, and the one I just put there this morning is about progress with Silver Circle and possible completion and release dates for that. It’s a public post, of course. Click here to visit my Patreon.

Wow, this is much too short a post to just leave like this.

Here, have a puppy picture: Haydee and Joy, curling up together on the deck.

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4 thoughts on “Over at Patreon, plus here, puppy picture”

  1. Hi Rachel, thanks for the puppy picture, those always make me happy!
    I looked at your post over on Patreon, and noticed that you are planning on releasing Part 1 and Part 2 a month apart. I’m sure you have good reasons for doing that, that I’m not aware of. But I thought I’d bring your attention to one reason for not separating them. I’m very eager to read these books, but I’d much prefer to read them one after the other. I’ll probably end up waiting until Part 2 is out before I start Part 1. If other people also decide to wait, this may effect the Amazon rating for Part 1. Just something for you to consider. I’ll be happy and grateful to get these books however you release them :)

  2. I know, Melanie, and that’s a possible reason for compressing the time.

    A) Reason for releasing each book on the 2nd of some month: This gives the maximum amount of time for a book to get sales and pages read within that specific month. The majority of sales go out the day before the official release date, probably because of time zones, and KU pages climb every day for the first week and then gradually fall. Getting more sales and pages read in a specific month is almost certainly crucial for triggering All-Star Bonuses for specific titles. Not that Amazon explains how that works, but that seems extremely likely.

    B) Second reason for releasing the second book three or four weeks after the first: This extends the time available for intensive proofreading of the second book. And revision, but by the time the first book is up for preorder, I ought to know about how long revision will take. Extra time for additional proofreading is more important.


    C) First reason for releasing books at the same time: This would generate a lot of pages read in the release month. I have absolutely no idea whether that would trigger any kind of bonus given that the pages read would be divided among two books, but it might. Also, I say “whopping” without knowing for sure about that. If I released two longish Tuyo-world books on consecutive days, then I might hit something in the neighborhood of half a million pages read that month. Black Dog books aren’t likely to go up as high, probably, though it would be nice to be wrong about that.

    D) Second reason for releasing books at the same time: Readers would like it.

    I’m not sure which way I’ll come down on this decision. It will depend a lot on how much time I think I need for proofreading. It’s absolutely astounding how much time one can put into proofreading.

  3. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. Also, I know you already have competent proofreaders on call, but if you ever want another pair of eyes I’d be happy to help out.

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