Update: whew, that was close

So the first thing about today is that it’s July 1 and 62 F and lovely, and am I out in the park with a couple of dogs, enjoying this remarkably beautiful weather? I am not. And why not? Because instead I took my unfortunate boys to the vet early this morning, where they are getting set for dentals.

Ismael and Conner, giving up explaining that I forgot to give them breakfast, go back to sleep in the hope that when they wake up again, breakfast will appear.

Poor guys! I do hate to not give them breakfast. I’m sure that watching all the girls get their breakfast on time did not help. I do need to schedule Morgan and Naamah for dentals as well, come to think of it.

However! This week just past was pretty decent.

A) So of course I have been plugging away with Silver Circle, and I finally went ahead and imposed a daily minimum wordcount. I don’t care so much about meeting it — just the expectation of declaring that I’m going to take a stab at hitting 2000 words per day minimum is helping, I have pages of notes right there in the file and therefore whenever I complete something, I delete a paragraph or two of notes, so sometimes two or three thousand words forward also means a thousand words backward, and frankly I just ignore that and count whatever forward progress without regard to how many words are actually on the screen at the end of the day.

So on Saturday I finally finished all of chapter 42 except the last couple of paragraphs because I thought great, I can start here on Sunday and do those paragraphs and that will get me started. But before I open this file back up, I will —

B) Finish the next installment of “Midwinter,” which I very much want to have ready for a newsletter on July 3rd.

Luckily — I said to myself on Saturday evening — luckily I only have about a paragraph or two to go for this installment, so what I will do Sunday is finish chapter two of “Midwinter” and then I will finish chapter 42 of Silver Circle and then I will get a decent start on chapter 43 and that will let me move ahead smoothly on Monday.

And this all made perfect sense until this installment of “Midwinter” actually went on for another 3000 words or whatever and took most of Sunday. Perhaps I should mention that I’m taking a leisurely pace with this story, so just expect that, okay? I think there will be at least four more chapters, possibly more. Maybe about 90 pages or thereabouts — just call it 30,000 words or so. That’s a wild guess, not a promise.

But, whew! because I did get chapter 2 of “Midwinter” finished, so I am now ready to set up the newsletter and get that scheduled to go out on the 3rd, exactly as I intended.

Then this morning I did go back and finish the last tiny bit of Chapter 42 in Silver Circle. But, alas, there was no time to look at Chapter 43 because, see above, I had to take the boys to the vet. At least there was time to take them for quick walks.

My best guess is that I should get through Chapter 43 of Silver Circle maybe Wednesday, but, full disclosure, I skipped Chapter 41 and will need to go back and write that. I think I kinda know what happens, but I’m more clear on Chapter 43 and will probably do that first. I have never before written anything so piecemeal and out of order as this. Still to do: Chapters 43, 41, 44, 45, 46 — very clear about this one — and I believe the last chapter will be Chapter 47, which I’m also clear abut. Then an epilogue, which I know what I’m doing with that. Should not be too much more than another 30,000 words, I hope. If this were a Tuyo-world book, I’d be finishing up this time next week. As it is, hopefully I’ll be really close to the end by the middle of July.

And that’s where am right now.

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4 thoughts on “Update: whew, that was close”

  1. I don’t know if this is the right place to leave a comment about “Midwinter”, please let me know if I should be posting it somewhere else.

    The question in “Midwinter” is whether everyone should go home to Earth. I know this won’t be a popular opinion but my answer is “Oh h*ll, YES!”. I just need two words to explain: “indoor plumbing”. But I could also add air conditioning, cars, recorded music and pumpkin lattes. And drugs to combat mental illness, which his daughter has a genetic predisposition towards.

    Now, they shouldn’t go home alone. Take everybody they love / like a lot with them! The more the merrier!

  2. You’re welcome to leave comments about “Midwinter” anywhere, this is a very appropriate place — I should start to add posts just for comments like this.

    Although on a muggy hot July day, I completely agree about air conditioning, I believe you will find the decision believable if it goes the other way. In fact, I’ll be very interested in a follow up comment either way!

  3. Hi Rachel—A random dog-related comment here, since I saw your photo of your lovely dogs. I’m in Minnesota now and went walking with a friend here. We chanced upon another friend of hers who has a ruby Cavalier King Charles. I mentioned your name to her and she made a note of it. She may be contacting you with a question related to her aging dog. Hope that was OK! Anyway, have a great week!

  4. Michelle, that’s always just fine. I’m happy to talk to anybody about Cavaliers or dogs in general. She’ll probably find it’s hard to shut me up. I’ve had my share of aging dogs, so maybe I can help.

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