Update: Not a lot to say, let’s have some pictures

It’s not like nothing is going on. A lot is going on. It’s just mostly stuff you already know about.

A) The MARAG audiobook is available, yay!

B) The audiobooks for RIHASI and the Death’s Lady series are underway. I must say, I get a lot more weeding done when I have audiobook chapters to review.

C) I have a sale scheduled to coincide with RIHASI’s release, I scheduled it months ago, I nearly forgot about it, last week I remembered about it and had a lot of hasty last-minute fiddling to handle, and also I need to send out a newsletter mentioning this sale REALLY SOON. I’m almost finished with the next installment of the DL story that will go in that newsletter. I’ll probably, almost certainly, send the newsletter July 3.

D) SILVER CIRCLE is moving ahead, though rather slowly, relatively speaking. But it’s moving, so it’s fine.

E) It’s summer, ugh, heat. No taking dogs to the park when the low at dawn is 80 degrees F and the humidity is dialed up to SAUNA. I take the dogs for walks around six am because it’s relatively tolerable at that point. They are welcome to zip out into the yard whenever they like. I have not yet had to call anyone inside for fear they would play tag until they got heatstroke, but I do keep it in mind, especially at dusk, when Joy, Haydee, Morgan, and sometimes Naamah are likely to be chasing each other and wrestling. The boys have more sense, or at least they have more coat and dislike the heat more. Plus they are older. Ish is ten and a half now, remarkable how time passes, and Conner is seven.

Magnolia ‘Ann’ reblooms all summer

Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’ is a stunning variety, massively, and I mean MASSIVELY, preferable to both the wide-type species and especially preferable to white-flowering ‘Venus.’ It’s a magnolia relative that is mostly finished flowering now, but not quite.

Even the cats get tired of the heat and join me on the couch.

Joy is stunningly beautiful as well as just cute as a button

Joy will be four months old in a few days. That’s remarkable. She’s basically housetrained. I’ve been teaching her ordinary Rally stuff, sit / down / left finish. Very simple things. Maybe I’ll put a title on her, but basically this kind of training is just useful to teach her that communication is a thing and she should pay attention to me. Maybe I’ll show her (locally) in conformation shows as well. I really like her a lot. I mean as a show puppy. Nice structure, pretty head, confident attitude. She would be an easy puppy to show. She’s easy in every way, not least because she can play with the others to burn off extra energy.

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3 thoughts on “Update: Not a lot to say, let’s have some pictures”

  1. Beautiful photos, Rachel! Glad to hear all the flora and fauna in your care are doing well.

  2. Kim Aippersbach

    I love your magnolias! I have a lovely yellow one, (I think it’s “Butterfly”), and an upright magenta tulip one whose name I’ve forgotten but who finally flowered magnificently this year. Huge blossoms! And I have a very elegant sieboldii.

    Joy really is beautiful! Her name suits her.

  3. Almost certainly ‘Butterflies,’ Kim, that’s probably the best yellow that’s ever hit the market. If there’s a better, I haven’t heard of it. I have one seedling that I hand pollinated, ‘Butterflies’ to ‘Woodsman,’ and in a few years I will be SO interested to see what flowers it shows me.

    Joy is a name that really ought to suit most puppies … but yes, she is a happy little creature!

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