MARAG: Audiobook now available

Just letting you all know that the MARAG audiobook went live last night.

Yay! Very easy production, solid quality, I’m happy with this audiobook and I hope listeners enjoy it too.

The audiobook of RIHASI is underway; I should get to listen to the second chapter today.

The audiobook of THE YEAR’S MIDNIGHT is also underway; I expect I’ll get to listen to the first chapter of that one this weekend.

Lots of audiobook stuff in progress!

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4 thoughts on “MARAG: Audiobook now available”

  1. is apparently (still) running a promotion on some of the other books in the series; I got Nikoles and Suelen for $8.16 each yesterday, instead of the full price of $21 or $23 and a bit.
    Their summer sale has ended, so is that reduced price something you set yourself?
    If so, thank you!

  2. I love Marag so much! I’ve already read it twice through, not counting the ‘favourite bits’ re-reads. I don’t do audiobooks, but it’s great that those who do will have another way to access it.

    It is probably my favourite Tuyo book right now – which I wouldn’t have thought was possible, not having Ryo and Aras in it (well, a bit of Ryo maybe!)

  3. Thank you so much! I only wrote it because a commenter here suggested the idea. I immediately liked the idea and then it turned out to be the kind of story that practically writes itself. Though a lot longer than I initially expected, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  4. Hanneke, no, I don’t have any influence over the prices of any books in this series except TUYO and that one, only on platforms other than Amazon. I had no idea they’d dropped the prices, although I know that generally if you get the ebook, the audiobook is then offered to you at a lower price. Regardless, I’m glad to hear that Amazon is offering those books at good prices right now! I hope they keep it up!

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